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Social Groups and Organizations Administrated by MOA

No. Names No. Names
1 Chinese Farmers Sports Association 2 Cross-Strait Agricultural Exchange Association
3 China Agricultural Exhibition Association 4 China Agricultural Council for the Promotion of International Cooperation
5 China Council for the Promotion of Rural Community Development 6 China Agricultural Economics Society
7 Chinese Research Association for Agricultural Economic Laws 8 Chinese Society for Management on Rural Cooperative Economy
9 Chinese Society of Cooperative Economy 10 China Green Food Association
11 China Agri-produce Marketing Association 12 China Society for Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning
13 Chinese Foundation for Agricultural Science and Education 14 Chinese Society for Agricultural Accounting
15 China Agricultural Association for International Exchange 16 China Association for International Exchange of Agriculture Science and Technology
17 China Association for Rural Energy Industry 18 China Biogas Society
19 Chinese Research Association of Agro-Technical Economics 20 China Society for Agricultural Biotechnology
21 China Agricultural Society for Atomic Energy 22 China Association for Agri-ecological Environment Protection
23 China Research Association for Agricultural Technology Management 24 China Association for Agricultural Technology Promotion
25 China Society of Agricultural Plastics Appliance Technology 26 China Seed Association
27 China Association for Seed Trade 28 China Ikebana and Floriculture Association
29 China Citrus Society 30 China Research Association for International Tea Culture
31 China Association of Bonsai Artists 32 China Quality Agri-Produce Development and Service Association
33 China Association for Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers 34 China Association for Eucommia Comprehensive Development
35 China Agricultural Machinery Association 36 China Animal Agriculture Association
37 China Feed Industry Association 38 China Horse Industry Association
39 China Ostrich Farming and Development Association 40 China Research Association for Animal Products Processing
41 China Beekeeping Society 42 China Association of Animal Health Products
43 China Association for Small Animal Protection 44 China Sodality of Agricultural Entrepreneurs
45 China Association of Township Enterprises 46 Dairy Association of China
47 China Stevia Association 48 China Land Reclamation Association for Economic Cooperation and Trade Circulation
49 China Research Association for Economy of Land Reclamation 50 China Industry Association of Fishing Vessels and Fishing Machine
51 China Fishery Mutual Insurance Association 52 China Seaweed Industry Association
53 China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance 54 China Fisheries Association
55 China Association of Pesticide Development & Application 56  Chinese Veterinary Medical Association
 57 China Vegetable Association  58 China Recreational Angling Association