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Center of International Cooperation Service, MOA

DATE:2013-04-17       SOURCE:MOA


The Center of International Cooperation Service (CICOS) is a public service agency under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA). It provides technical support and service to China’s international cooperation and exchange efforts in the field of food and agriculture. CICOS has 54 employees in 10 divisions, namely, the General Office, the Division of Finance, the Division of International Exchange, the Division of Foreign Cooperation, the Division of Non-governmental Cooperation, No.1 and No.2 Divisions of Translation& Interpretation, the Division of Protocol, the Division of Passport & Visa Service and the Division of Information. The functions of CICOS include translation and interpretation, organization of international meetings, reception and dispatch of international exchange groups, implementation of foreign technical cooperation and assistance projects and passport and visa service.


From 2009 to 2012, CICOS organized 19 seminars and training courses for 432 participants from other developing countries on crop production, farm machinery maintenance, agricultural project management, agricultural land management, animal farm management, and prevention and control of animal diseases. To meet the needs of participants of acquiring know-how in agricultural production, CICOS prepares practical training programs, including lectures and field visits with updated information to make sure that the participants will not only learn practical skills and technologies but also have a better understanding about China. The successful implementation of these training programs contributes to enhancing the cooperation and friendship between China and other developing countries.


Address: No.11,Nongzhanguan Nanli

Postcode: 100125
Tel: 010 5919 2620/1832           
Fax: 010 5919 2617 


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