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China Agriculture Film and Television Center

DATE:2013-04-17       SOURCE:MOA

China Agriculture Film & Television Center is an affiliate of Ministry of Agriculture. It grew out of China Agriculture Film Studio (hereafter referred to as “Agriculture Film”)which was founded on June 29th, 1949. Since its birth, Agriculture Film has been committed to providing services for agriculture, rural areas and farmers. It has worked hard to pass on scientific knowledge, advanced techniques and economic information to the public, which is great contribution to the agricultural modernization and socioeconomic development of rural areas. Now Agriculture Film is a public institution engaged in agriculture-related film and television programme production and recording. Up till now, it has produced 804 films, documentaries and stage art films, most of which were shot on agriculture. Agriculture Film Publishing House, which Agriculture Film is associated to, is in charge of issuing tapes, VCD, DVD and cassettes about agricultural science.

In 1987, Agriculture Film and CCTV co-produced a program: Agricultural Education and Science. Since 1995, Agriculture Film started making agricultural programs to be aired through CCTV 7 that was co-sponsored by MOA and CCTV. The programs were officially broadcasted on January 1st, 1996. Now CCTV 7 has 11 programs being on air for 8 hours every day.

Up to now, nearly 100 productions made by Agriculture Film have won domestic and international rewards, gaining itself great reputation. Its productions also have tangible social and economic benefits particularly in rural areas, gaining popularity among the audience who are interested in agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

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