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Foreign Economic Cooperation Center (FECC), Ministry of Agriculture

DATE:2013-04-18       SOURCE:


Main Functions:

(1)To be responsible for the management of overseas investment projects and agricultural projects in aid of foreign countries commissioned by Ministry of Agriculture, and undertake the compilation and application of project plans, pre-appraisal study, implementation and the agency operations of bidding and purchasing;

(2)to be in charge of the entrusted implementation and management of multilateral and bilateral agricultural technology, memorandum of understanding on economic cooperation, protocols, as well as project agreements;

(3) to undertake the exchanges and cooperation of agricultural technology of EU and its member states;

(4)to undertake exchanges and cooperation of external scientific and technology in agriculture so as to promote the overseas transformation of China's high-tech agricultural achievements and the export of labor services;

(5)to carry out the research on foreign agricultural policies and regulations;

(6) to participate in the feasibility reasoning, consultation and technical services of Chinese and foreign non-governmental economic and technological cooperation projects;

(7)to organize international exhibitions and trading activities of agricultural high-tech achievements to provide intermediary services to the personnel study abroad to come back to create undertakings and to the speed-up transformation of scientific and technical research achievements;

(8) to undertake other tasks entrusted by Ministry of Agriculture.

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