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Main Functions of the Bureau of Seed Management

DATE:2012-03-29       SOURCE:MOA


Main Functions


1.    To draft development strategies, plans for seed sector, propose related policy suggestions, and organize their implementation.

2.    To develop laws, regulations, rules and standards for the seed sector, and oversee their enforcement.

3.    To guide the establishment of the seed regulation system; to supervise and regulate the production, business operation and product quality in the seed sector.

4.    To organize the conservation and management of crop germplasm resources; to review and issue permit for import and export of crop seeds (seedlings) and germplasm resources.

5.    To organize crop variety management by drafting administrative measures and standards for crop variety review and approval as well as for protection of new varieties, undertaking the review and registration of crop varieties, granting and renewing of agricultural plant breeders’ rights, and guiding the exit of varieties from cultivation.

6.    To review applications and issue permits for production and business operation of crop seeds, and deliver feedbacks to foreign-invested seed enterprises.

7.    To conduct sampling inspection of seed quality and evaluate the performance of seed inspectors and inspection institutions.

8.    To collect and analyze information of seed industry, exercise regulation of seed market; to organize disaster relief activities in crop farming sector; to organize the reserve and allocation of seeds for disaster relief.

9.    To oversee the “Seed Breeding and Multiplication Program” in Hainan Province.

10. To undertake other assignments designated by leaders of the Ministry.



(A)  Office of General Affairs

(B)   Division of Seed Industry Development

(C)   Division of Variety Management

(D)  Division of Market Regulation

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