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Main Functions of Bureau of Fisheries

DATE:2009-06-25       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To study on and put forward development strategies, programs and plans, technical advance measures and major policy suggestions on fisheries; to draft related laws, regulations and provisions, and organize their supervision and implementation.


2. To administer fishery sector, guide the readjustment of fishery industry structure and deployment.


3. To research into and work out programs and plans for fishery scientific research and technical extensions, supervise their implementation, and organize the selection and implementation of major projects of scientific research and technical extension.


4. To study on and draw up policies, measures and programs for the protection and rational exploitation and utilization of fishery resources and ecology and environment of fishery waters, and organize their implementation; to administer the aquatic wild animals and plants.


5. To represent the state in rendering the rights of inspection, supervision and management on fishery administration, fishing ports and boats, administer the permits of fishing boats, crews fishery, and fishery communications; to coordinate the addressing of major foreign related events.            

6. To research on and put forward programs and measures for the building of fishery law enforcement forces and guide their implementation.            

7. To study on and put forward policy suggestions on the development of aquatic product processing industry, the building of aquiculture market system and the promotion of international fishery trade.            


8. To administer the fishery standardization, quality and safety.            

9. To administer the epidemic prevention of aquatic animals and plants; to be in charge of administration of using animal drugs in aquaculture, inspection and testing of animal drug residues, and their supervision; participate in the drafting of related laws and regulations.          


10. To participate in the formulation and implementation supervision of international fishery treaties and multilateral and bilateral fishery agreements and organize international fishery exchanges and cooperation; to review and verify the development programs and projects of distant fishery and coordinate their administration.             


11. To put forward suggestions for investment plans on fishery sector, organize the selection of initial project candidates, review and approve the preliminary designs and budgets according to authorization, organize project implementations, and take charge of the daily supervision, inspection and completion inspection and acceptance of the projects.           


12. To guide work safety in fishery sector, administer centrally the disaster prevention and alleviation in fisheries, and study on and put forward suggestions on the distribution of fishery disaster rescue funds.                 


13. To be responsible for the statistics of fishery and release of related information.            


14. To administer centralized operations of related institutions, and guide the operations of related social groups and organizations.    


15. To undertake other assignments designated by the leaders of the Ministry.

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