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Main Functions of Veterinary Bureau

DATE:2009-06-25       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To organize and draw up development strategies, programs and plans for veterinary medicine and drugs, veterinary medical appliances sector, draft laws, regulations and provisions for the administration of veterinary medicine and drugs and animal quarantine; to work out related policies and organize their implementation.            


2. To be responsible for and put forward suggestions on investment plans for veterinary medicine and drugs sector, initial candidate projects, organize implementation, supervision, inspection and the completion inspection and acceptance of projects in the sector.


3. To work out the development programs for the building of administration system for veterinary

medicine and drugs and the personnel forces and organize their implementation; to be responsible for the management of veterinary medicine and veterinary drugs administration.            


4. To be responsible for and work out major policies for animal epidemic prevention and control; to supervise and administer animal epidemic prevention; to study on and work out state plans for extermination of major animal epidemics and organize their implementation, regular appraisals and supervise the implementation accordingly.            


5. To be in charge of administering the animal epidemic situation and information, organize the monitoring, report, investigation, analysis, assessment and release of animal epidemic situation and information.             


6. To be responsible for the work related to animal health, organize the inspection and quarantine of animals and animal products, monitoring of veterinary drug residues, and the supervision and management of sanitation, safety and quality of animals and animal products; to study on and work out technical standards for animal medicine and animal experiments and organize their implementation.             


7. To be responsible for supervising and administering veterinary drugs, veterinary medical appliances and administration of their importation and exportation.             

8. To enact and modify the variety catalogue of drugs and feed additives and the catalogue of the drugs and other compounds banned for use.            

9. To administer the development of veterinary science and technology, veterinary microorganism reference laboratory; to administer the bacterial and virus species of veterinary microorganism.            


10. To organize and draw up animal health standards, enact and promulgate state standards on veterinary drugs, standards for residue limits of veterinary drugs and residue test and organize their implementation.            


11. To undertake the negotiations and signing of multilateral and bilateral agreements and treaties of veterinary medicine and drugs and animal quarantine; to undertake the exchanges and cooperation of our country with World Organization for Animal Health and other international organizations; to undertake related work for the implementation of Biological Weapons Convention.            


12. To analyze and assess the related foreign and overseas animal health information, release the list of epidemic areas; to work out the catalogue of animals and animal products prohibited from entry, to release of decrees of prohibitions and their lifting.


13.To administer centralized the operations of related institutions,and guide the operations of related social groups and organizations.


14. To undertake other assignments designated by the leaders of the Ministry. 



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