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Main Functions of Department of Livestock Production

DATE:2009-06-25       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To organize and work out the sector development strategies and policies for animal husbandry, grassland, and feed; to put forward measures for sector development and major technology advances; to draft sector laws, regulations and provisions and organize their implementation; to draw up standards in respect of husbandry, feed and grassland, and organize their implementation; to compile sector development programs and plans.            


2. To guide the sector restructuring and deployment, put forward investment suggestions, initial candidate projects and organize the implementation, supervision and inspection as well as the completion inspection and acceptance of projects in the sector.           


3. To compile the programs for the capital construction of animal husbandry and feed industries, comprehensive development and fiscal fund projects and organize their implementation.            


4. To organize the protection, rational exploitation and utilization of livestock and poultry breeds, livestock resources and feed resources; to administer the quality and safety of feed products; to study on and draw up technical standards for the breeding of livestock and poultry, breeds upgrading and transportation, and organize their implementation.             


5. To be responsible for the registration and importation review and approval of livestock and poultry products, grass seeds, feed and feed additives.            


6. To supervise and manage the work of grassland; to organize the protection, rational exploitation and utilization, and eco building of pasture resources; to organize, coordinate, guide and supervise the fire proof of grassland; to undertake and participate in the negotiations, signing and implementation of inter-governmental cooperation agreements and treaties in respect of grassland fire proof.             


7. To organize the formulation of standards and technical norms for the animal husbandry, pastures and feed; to review and approve the standards and supervise the qualities of feed products; to review and verify the issuance of business permits for animal husbandry and grass seeds production and the permits for feed production.            


8. To organize the selection and implementation of scientific research and technical extension projects of animal husbandry, pastures and feed.           


9. To undertake the text drafting and negotiation of multilateral and bilateral animal husbandry agreements; to organize the international cooperation and exchanges in respect of animal husbandry.            


10. To be responsible for the economic and technical information about animal husbandry, grassland and feed sector.


11. To administer centralized the operations of related institutions and guide the operations of related social groups and organizations.


12. To undertake other assignments designated by the leaders of the Ministry.


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