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Main Functions of Department of Farm Mechanization

DATE:2009-06-25       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To administer the agricultural machinery sector, study on and put forward development strategies, as well as mid-term and long-term programs for agricultural mechanization and the directions and measures for restructuring of agricultural machinery products (animal husbandry machinery and plant protection machinery).


2. To study on and drafting of policies, laws, regulations and provisions on agricultural mechanization sector, work out norms and standards for agricultural mechanization technologies and organize their supervision and implementation; to be responsible for the implementation of support policies of state subsidy to the procurement of agricultural machinery.


3. To study on and put forward major economic and technical policies regarding agricultural machinery for installation of agriculture, agricultural aviation, protective cultivation and water –saving conservation agriculture, and supervise their implementation.


4. To make research for and put forward major technical measures regarding agricultural mechanization, organize the demonstrations, approval and initiation, implementation, supervision and administration of extension projects of major S&T breakthroughs researches, development of key machinery and equipment, and advanced application technologies.            


5. To organize the implementation of experiments and verification, quality test, tracking and investigation and certification management of agricultural machinery products, and release outcome.            


6. To guide the work safety of agricultural machinery, take charge of the safety and technical test of tractors, combines and other machines, the issuance of number plates and the supervision and administration of the examination and certification of agricultural machine operators; to draw up the supervision regulations and standards for the safety of agricultural machinery and supervise their implementation; to guide the building of the law enforcement system for the agricultural machinery, the investigation and punishment of off-road violations of regulations and accidents.            


7. To study on and draw up policies and measures for the building of agricultural machinery service system and guide its building at grass-roots.            


8. To guide the operation management of agricultural machinery and the education and training work of operators and supervise accordingly.            


9. To be responsible for the statistics of agricultural mechanization, guide the building of information network for the administration system of agricultural mechanization.            


10. To coordinate the supply and price policies on agricultural diesel oil, study on and put forward suggestions on the allocation of funds for disaster relief diesel and supervise their implementation.            


11. To organize and coordinate major production activities of agricultural mechanization, guide the disasters resistance and relief by using agricultural machines and take charge of the extension and administration of major agricultural mechanization technologies.          


12. To guide the administration of the maintenance of agricultural machines, enact administrative norms and technical measures, and supervise their implementation; to be responsible for the verification, issuance and management of the technical qualification certificates for rural machinery service stations.             


13. To undertake foreign affairs in relation to the inter-government agricultural mechanization, and

organize related international exchanges and cooperation.


14. To administer centralized the operations of related institutions and guide the operations of related social groups and organizations.


15. To undertake other assignments designated by the leaders of the Ministry.



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