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Main Functions of Permanent Representation of the People's Republic to the UN Agencies for Food and Agriculture

DATE:2009-06-23       SOURCE:MOA

 Main Functions


1. To assist the cooperation and exchanges of China with the three international organizations: UN Food and Agriculture Organization, World Food Program, International Fund for Agricultural Development, and make efforts to cooperate with domestic departments in China on the work of multilateral diplomacy.


 2. To assist to compete for foreign aid to the relevant ministries, and bring in the capital, technology and talent in agricultural field.


 3. To carry out cooperation and exchanges with foreign diplomatic offices in Rome, strengthen communication, enhance understanding and coordinate efforts for China’s positions.


 4. To cooperate to carry out bilateral exchanges and cooperation in agriculture between Italy and Chinese Embassy to Italy.


 5. To collect dynamic information on international agriculture and food issues; to carry out research on international policies on food and agriculture and the situation; to provide advisory services to domestic decision-making.


 6. To be responsible for the reception and liaison for domestic delegations who participate in various activities of international food and agriculture institutions.


 7. To complete other domestic tasks.

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