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Main Functions and Organs of Bureau of Retired Cadres

DATE:2009-06-23       SOURCE:MOA
Main Functions
1. To implement the principles and policies on retired cadres by the Party’s Central Committee and the State Council to formulate the implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture according to the principle of both unified management and separate treatment.
2. To organize and implement the required political and living conditions of retired cadres; to organize retired cadres to carry out politics, culture, sports, and recreational activities which are benefit to their physical and mental health; to organize retired cadres to play the role of the construction of socialist material and spiritual civilization.
3. To be responsible for handling letters and visits from retired cadres; and pay attention to the collection and listen to the opinions and demands of retired cadres, and reasonably solve their practical problems with the relevant departments; to deal with the relocation of retired cadres and implement the treatment of relocation of retired cadres and deal with issues left over from the past.
4. To tend to the funeral of retired cadres with the relevant departments and dealing with the aftermath.
5. To be responsible for the management of various funds and the infrastructure construction for retired cadres’ activities of the Ministry.
6. To inspect and guide the operation on retired cadres of affiliated institutions of the Ministry.
7. To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry.
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