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Main Functions and Organs of Department of International Cooperation

DATE:2009-06-23       SOURCE:MOA

  Main Functions


1. To study and formulate medium and long term development programs for the international cooperation and exchanges in agriculture, and guide and coordinate the cooperation and exchanges accordingly.


2. To administer centrally the agricultural cooperation and exchanges of the organs of the Ministry and its institutions with various countries in the world; to centralize the operation contacts and cooperation of our country with UN Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Food Program and the World Organization of Animal Health; to administer centrally the foreign related affairs of the Ministry with other international organizations, and cooperation and exchanges in the field of agriculture; to review, verify and apply for the approval for joining in or withdrawing from the important international organizations of inter-government or non inter-government.


3. To undertake the drafting, negotiation, signing of memorandum of understanding, protocols, agreements and treaties of multilateral or bilateral governments or inter-ministries in respect of agricultural cooperation and organize their implementation; to organize and coordinate the negotiation and signing of the animal and plant inspection and quarantine treaties with related governments; to be responsible for the overseas visits and reception of senior level agricultural delegations and groups; to organize and coordinate the implementation of international cooperation and exchange projects in respect of agriculture.


4. To be responsible for the promotion of agricultural trade; to study and put forward policy suggestions on international trade in respect of agricultural products and means of agricultural production; to undertake the participation in bilateral trade negotiations by the Ministry and the organization and coordination of new round of agricultural negotiations with WTO (including the fishery talks under the framework of WTO), participate in damage investigations and trade disputes solutions on agricultural products and relate industries.


5. To be responsible for the declaration, review and examination, review and approval of foreign capital and foreign aid projects (not including foreign loan projects) and organize their implementation.


6. To study and enact the regulations and rules for foreign related work of the Ministry; to be responsible for the review, approval and application approval of the official overseas visits, incoming delegations and groups and the holding of and participation in international meetings by the organs of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions.


7. To research into development tendencies and policy trends of world agricultural production, science and technology and trade, and put forward suggestions of countermeasures and supply services of international agricultural information.


8. To guide and coordinate the operations of China Permanent Representative Office to UN Food and Agriculture Organization and agricultural officials stationed abroad; to undertake the operation liaisons of the Ministry with the representative’s offices of UN Food and Agriculture Organization and World Food Program; to assist in the selection of and dispatch of overseas resident personnel and international staff.


9. To be responsible for centralized operations management of related institutions and guide the operation of relevant social groups and organizations.


10. To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry.




(A) Office of General Affairs 

(B) Division of International Organizations 

(C) Division of Agricultural Trade

(D) Division of Asian-African Affairs

(E) Division of European Affairs 

(F) Division of American-Oceanian Affairs 

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