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Main Functions and Organs of Department of Finance

DATE:2009-06-23       SOURCE:MOA

 Main Functions


1. To study and put forward suggestions on fiscal, taxation and financial policies for agriculture and rural economy.


2. To organize and draw up mid-term and long-term programs for financial support to agricultural projects; to study and bring forward implementation opinions for financial reform and organize their implementation.


3. To make research and put forth guiding opinions on the department budget administration of the Ministry; to organize the compilation of the department budgets and final accounts of the Ministry; to undertake the approvals with instructions on budgets and final accounts; to organize department budget implementation, supervision and administration.


4. To study on and bring forward suggestions on the administration of fiscal affairs of agricultural sectors.


5. To organize the compilation and report of budget proposals for agricultural projects such as the special central government fiscal transfer payments, and supervise and inspect the fund utilization.


6. To be responsible for the review and approval of projects using specific agricultural fiscal funds and for the fund administration; to be responsible for the fiscal management and supervision of foreign capital utilization and foreign currency quota.


7. To administer, supervise and inspect the integrated payment by the Ministry from the fiscal treasury.


8. To be responsible for the administration of non-tax government revenues of the Ministry; to review and verify, declaration of administrative fee-collection projects; to organize the implementation of work in respect of “separation between revenues and expenditures”.


9. To guide and supervise the financial administration and accounting of the organs of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions; to organize and guide the financial information building of the organs of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions; to organize the trainings for the fiscal and accounting personnel of the organs of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions.


10. To guide and supervise the management of state-owned assets of the organs of the Ministry, affiliated institutions, directly affiliated reclamation areas and the reform of housing system.


11. To be responsible for the administration, supervision and inspection of government procurement of the Ministry.


12. To audit and supervise the implementation of department budgets; to audit the economic accountability of outgoing officers of institutions affiliated to the Ministry.


13. To administer centralized the operations of related institutions and guide the operations of social groups and organizations.


14. To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry.




(A) Office of General Affairs

(B) Division of Budget

(C) Division of Special Funds

(D) Division of Finance and Accounting

(E) Division of Asset Management

(F) Division of Auditing


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