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Main Functions and Organs of Department of Development Planning

DATE:2009-06-23       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To study on and put forward development strategies on agricultural and rural economy and draw up detailed implementation plans; to organize the formulation of mid-term and long-term development programs for agricultural and rural economic development, sustainable agricultural development and regional development programs of agriculture.


2. To guide the coordinated development and the restructuring of various agricultural industries; to organize and draw up the annual plans for agricultural and rural economic development; to study and analyze domestic and international agricultural and rural economic situations and development and put forward policy, measures and suggestions accordingly.


3. To be responsible for the fixed asset investment of the Ministry; to organize the formulation of programs on fixed asset investment and key construction projects of agricultural sectors, put forward total arrangement plans for annual fixed asset investment, draw up and assign annual plans of fixed asset investment within budget.


4. To organize the formulation of regulations and rules for the administration of agricultural construction projects; to be responsible for the review and approval, supervision and inspection of agricultural construction projects as well as their completion inspection and acceptance; to be in charge of the administration of tender and bidding for agricultural project construction.


5. To be responsible for the administration of surveys and designs, standard quota, construction supervision, and engineering consultation and other items for project construction in agricultural sector.


6. To guide the zoning of agricultural resources of the country; to be responsible for the investigation, appraisals, zoning, exploitation and utilization, management and coordination of agricultural resources; to administer the application of agricultural remote sensing and administer centrally the agricultural mapping.


7. To organize the formulation of overall programs on comprehensive development of national agriculture and supervise their implementation, plan and administer the special projects of the Ministry for comprehensive development of agriculture; to administer centrally the agricultural comprehensive development projects of directly affiliated reclamation areas; to be responsible for the Ministry counterpart support in respect of the targeted poverty alleviation, assistance to Tibet, Three Georges Reservoir Area.


8. To plan and administer the utilization of foreign capital (foreign loan projects) and overseas investment; to plan and administer the tariff reduction or exemption for import goods by the Ministry and the importation of machinery and electric equipment.


9. To administer centralized the operations of related institutions and related social groups and organizations.


10. To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry.




(A) Office of General Affairs

(B) Division of Development and Planning

(C) Division of Investment

(D) Division 1 of Industry

(E) Division 2 of Industry

(F) Division of Resources Zoning and Development

(G) Division of Supervision and Management on Construction Projects

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