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Main Functions and Organs of Department of Market and Economic Information

DATE:2009-06-22       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To draft laws and regulations on the development of agricultural products market; to draw up construction programs and project plans of market system for agricultural products and means of agricultural production and organize their implementation; to put forward policy suggestions on the supply and demand, circulation and prices of means of agricultural production; to bring forward policy suggestions on the promotion of agricultural products circulation.


2. To work out development strategies, programs and plans on the marketing and promotion of agricultural products, put forward related policies and measures and organize their implementation; to cultivate, protect and develop agricultural products’ brands; to cultivate and exploit markets for agricultural products; administer the exhibitions of the Ministry and its affiliated institutions.


3. To standardize the market operation of agricultural products; to guide the construction of standardization and modernization of farm product market.


4. To work out related policies for the construction of information system of agriculture informationization; to formulate the construction plans for information systems of rural economy and organize their implementation; to guide the development and application of information technology and information services in agriculture.


5. To manage the information of agriculture and rural economy; to lay down work criterion and organize their implementation; to organize agricultural statistics and information collection; to release the comprehensive information of agriculture and rural economy.


6. To monitor and analyze the functioning of agricultural and rural economy; to organize and conduct the market early warning; to be responsible for tracking the collection, analysis of main agricultural products and market price of means of agricultural production, supply and demand and the operation, to put forward policy recommendations of market regulation.


7. To organize and coordinate the “shopping basket program”, and put forward related suggestions; to formulate plans on the building of “shopping basket program” and guide their implementation.


8. To work out information infrastructure plans on market and economy, and put forward suggestions on project arrangements and organize their implementation; to draw out special plans for finance in this field, and recommendations on department budgets and arrangements for special transfer payments, and guide their implementation; to put forward suggestions on scientific research and technology extension projects in this field; to undertake the selection of major scientific research and extension projects, and organize their implementation.


9. To undertake international exchanges and cooperation on agricultural market and information of agricultural products.


10. To guide the construction and management on trade associations of agricultural products; to guide the operations of public institutions of centralized management and social organizations.


11. To complete other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry.




(A) Office of General Affairs

(B) Division of Market and Distribution

(C) Division of Information and Statistics

(D) Division of Operation and Monitoring

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