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Main Functions and Organs of Department of Sectoral Policy and Law

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 Main Functions


1. To study on and draw up industrial policies for agriculture, put forward policy suggestions on the readjustment and optimization of the agricultural industry structure and proper allocation of production elements; to study on and put forward policy suggestions on the promotion of agricultural development, the increase of farmers’ income, and promotion of rural labor shift.


2. To make research for and put forward suggestions of strategies, guidelines, policies and measures on agriculture and rural economy development; to study on and bring forward opinions, suggestions and implementation plans for deepening rural economic system reform, coordination of economic and social developments of urban and rural areas, and the construction of modern agriculture; to guide the experiment work on rural reform, coordinate the reforms in the industrial sectors of the Ministry; to put forward policy suggestions on the implementation of guidance, support, protection, adjustment and control for agricultural and rural economy.


3. To organize, coordinate and administer the research on soft S&T of the Ministry and the conversion of their research achievements.


4. To study and guide the law enforcement in agricultural areas, draw up legislation plans for the industries under the Ministry’s administration and organize the drafting of agricultural laws and regulations; to undertake the drafting or review of the rules and regulations of the Ministry; to bring forward opinions on review and verification of the articles concerning agriculture and rural economy in the laws and regulations drafted by related departments.


5. To work out programs on agricultural law enforcement, publicity and education, and organize their implementation; to guide the building of the agricultural law enforcement system, organize the comprehensive law enforcement pilot projects and supervise and inspect accordingly; to organize hearings on agricultural administration of law enforcement and administrative permissions, and undertake the agricultural administrative reviews and administrative compensations.


6. To organize the compilation, review and verification of the China Agricultural Development Report and edit related reference materials.


7. To be responsible for the centralized administration of related institutions and guide the operations of the related social groups and organizations.


8. To fulfill other tasks assigned by the leaders of the Ministry.




 (A) Office of General Affairs

 (B) Division of Industrial Policy

 (C) Division of System Restructuring and Policy

 (D) Division of Laws and Regulations

 (E) Division of Law Enforcement and Supervision

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