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Main Functions and Organs of General Office

DATE:2009-06-22       SOURCE:MOA

Main Functions


1. To coordinate administrative affairs of the Ministry.


2. To be responsible for the organization and service for the CPC Leading Group meetings, ministry affairs meetings, ministry regular meetings as well as important national agricultural meetings; to administer the plans of national meetings held by the agricultural institutions.


3. To be responsible for the secretarial work for CPC Leading Group of the Ministry and leaders of the Ministry.


4. To work out major work plans and key points for work of the Ministry and organize their implementation; to organize the drafting of related important and comprehensive reports, documents and speeches.


5. To be responsible for the administrative information and on-duty shifts of the Ministry.


6. To supervise the implementation of decisions and directives of CPC Leading Group and leaders of the Ministry, and supervise the important administrative affairs of the Ministry.


7. To be responsible for the Ministry document processing and confidential document handling and circulation, guide the operation of document processing of affiliated institutions in Beijing; to process the internal application documents, and write and edit the Annals of Ministry of Agriculture.


8. To organize the handling work of suggestions and proposals by NPC representatives and CPPCC members respectively.


9. To enact related regulations and rules for the Ministry and organize their implementation.


10. To administer the work of maintaining secrecy of the Ministry, guide the operation of secretes guarding of the directly affiliated institutions; to guide the archives operation.


11. To organize the important news reports, take charge of press release and the organization and guidance of publicity by way of press, publication, film and video and exhibition.


12. To be responsible for the review and honoring of national agricultural labor models, and administer centrally the honoring work in the agricultural institutions.


13. To be responsible for handling of letters and visits from the public.


14. To lead the coordination of informationization construction and administration of the Ministry; to be responsible for management of administrative network and equipment related to Central Office, CCCPC, and General Office of the State Council, as well as inner network construction management, and approval of the administration of the Ministry.


15. To administer affairs of the Ministry and affiliated institutions in relation to Taiwan; organize and conduct agricultural exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan.


16. To be responsible for the comprehensive office work of administrative approvals by the Ministry, to guide and supervise the administrative approval of the related agricultural institutions;


17. To be responsible for the security, safeguard and fireproof of department of the Ministry, guide the operations of security, safeguard and fire prevention and control of institutions affiliated to the Ministry in Beijing.


18. To be responsible for the work of centralized administration of the affiliated press and publicity organs of the Ministry and guide the operations of social groups and organizations.


19. To assist the leaders of the Ministry in handling daily routines and complete other tasks assigned by the CPC Leading Group of the Ministry and leaders of the Ministry.




(A) Office of General Affairs

(B) Ministers’ Offices

(C) Secretariat Division

(D) Division of Documentation and Telecommunication

(E) Division for Letters and Visits

(F) Division of Security and Safeguard

(H) Division of Press and Publicity

(I) Office of Taiwan Affairs

(J) General Office for Administrative Approval



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